Everest Tikhalal Chilli Powder

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The spicy taste of Indian food can be likened with the Paprika bearing Mexican cuisine that sets your palate on appetising fire! Everest is a brand that has been well known for qualitative spices and spice mixes as well. This spice blend is one that brings in the fiery magic of red chillies, well known in India!


Everest Tikhalal Powder contains roasted, dried and powdered red chillies that can add a punch to any dish. This pack is vacuum sealed and its inmates are prepped under the highest quality procedures. The selection of chillies also takes place under a highly qualitative eye. It also contains 2% edible groundnut oil.

How to Use

Use a pinch of this powder for a fiery undertone to elevate the taste of even the most bland dish. This powder can also be used to season dishes while they are being cooked. Also, the use of this spice in Indian curries is a well documented fact!

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200 Gms, 500 Gms


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